Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch

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If you’re hungry in the morning and feeling for a fresh but filling breakfast, Cora’s is the place to go! ¬†Specializing in breakfast and lunch menu, Cora’s provides a selection of crepes, pancakes, sandwiches and much more! ¬†They also have a featured fresh smoothie made with a mix of the freshest fruits they have. ¬†M ordered one with pineapples, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. ¬†It had lots of berry seeds and tasted very fresh with a hint of sourness (which I actually liked!).

Spinach and Cheese Omlette ($9.25 + tax)
For my meal, I decided to order the spinach & cheddar omlette.  In my opinion, I preferred the potato wedges more than the omlette itself. The wedges were lightly roasted and salted. The omlette on the other hand was a little too cooked for my liking. They overdosed on cheese and the spinach was not very noticeable in flavour.  The flavour ends up getting a little bland in the taste palette, and I ended up resorting to ketchup for help.  But in terms of filling level, I was EXTREMELY full!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very home-y and friendly. ¬†It’s definitely a casual place to have fun with family and friends! ¬†Even though there will probably a wait time when you go, the wait time is relatively short and servers are friendly and respond quickly.

My overall ratings for Cora’s …– atmosphere: 8/10
– value: 7.5/10
– food: 6.5/10

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