Rating Rubrics

As you are reading my reviews for the restaurants, you will notice that by the end of each review I will have a rating in three different aspects:

Atmosphere : Basically what I mean by “atmosphere” is whether the place is nice and cozy.  Does the restaurant have good service?  Do they respond quickly and take orders well?  Does the interior/exterior look nice and pretty?

  • 1-3 : unbearably dirty and service is just terrible..
  • 4-6 : one for the other…either environment is good but service is bad, or service is great but environment seems a bit absurd
  • 7-9 : decent in both aspects.  Of course places that exceed my expectations will get higher scores
  • 10 : to be honest, I can’t imagine myself rating any restaurant a 10 because that would just mean it’s THAT perfect…but who knows xD

 Value :  This section would be more of the VALUE of what you are paying for.  Is what your paying worth the food that you are given?  Is the food able to fill you up?

  • 1-3: …I just got robbed for that food…
  • 4-6: It was okay…but not worth ordering more..I’ll just find something to fill me up at home
  • 7-9: Perfect portions or maybe wasn’t even able to finish the whole thing
  • 10: awesome deal, definitely recommend to visit again (will rarely rate any restaurant this if ever..)

Food : How’s the food?  Delish?  Star quality? =O

  • 1-3: Nope…not so good.
  • 4-6: It’s EDIBLE.  Probably won’t be coming back …
  • 7-9: Decent and pretty delicious!
  • 10: never had anything so good and don’t think I ever will anywhere else

These are the general rubrics to my rating.  I’ll try my best to stick to this measure.  I’ve gotta say that I’m pretty strict on the ratings though.


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