SodaStream/Kraft Launch Event

Hey there hungry hippos! Recently, I was given the opportunity, thanks to The Mint Agency to attend the SodaStream/Kraft Launch event. This was one of my first blogging events that I have ever been to, so I was extra stoked to participate in this.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I arrived, I found myself in a beautifully decorated lounge-like floor. Here are a few snaps I caught.

Leaving our marks to help set the bubbles free!
So, which side are you on? Using plastic bottles, or SodaStream for reuse?
The adorable candy bar where people can fill up their SodaStream baskets.
Some more awesome decor. Super creative and neat.
The nice and cozy lounge area for some mix and mingle.
Getting all fancy pancy and modern-looking there, drink mixer ūüėČ
The drinks served were all made from the Sodastream drink mixers flavoured by Kraft syrups (alcoholic optional).

The launch party comprised of the new syrups available by Kraft to mix with the SodaStream drinks.  The launch celebrates the following flavours:

  • Country Time lemonade
  • Crystal Light lemonade
  • Crystal Light¬†raspberry¬†lemonade
  • Crystal Light fruit punch
  • Kool-Aid grape
  • Kool-Aid tropical punch
  • Kool-Aid cherry

My personal favourite was the raspberry lemonade and the lemonade.  A fun way to spice up the drinks is to add gin or vodka with your bubbly drinks!  The carbonated drink mixes soooo well with a bit of alcohol :).

They also served some really delicious finger foods prepared by the executive chef at Brassaii.  Here are a few photos:

A delicious white meat chicken and pineapple skewer with flatbread topped with cheese and spinach
A fresh mouthful of sweet and salty all in one bite!
A bite full of complimenting flavours and textures – avocado, tuna, and crispy bread. Mmmm!
I know this isn’t a finger food, but I just had to post it. Aren’t they just soooo adorable?

This event was a really motivating and eye-opening step for me. I was able to meet a few new bloggers and learn about the blogging community. This launch party had an amazing atmosphere, with great music from the DJ, fun bubbly drinks and tasty canap√©s. I was able to gain new ideas and motivation to keep posting more regularly. ¬†At the end of the party, we were all gifted with our very own SodaStream drink mixer, and a lemonade syrup! ¬†My sister and I are SO excited to try this machine out for ourselves and start joining the environmentally friendly movement! ¬†Now we have have the convenience of making our own soda drinks at home :). ¬† The SodaStream starter kit comes with a 60L can of carbinator as well as 9 flavour samples.¬†¬†These machines are sold everywhere – I’ve seen them on sale at Staples, Walmart, Target, etc.¬†¬†¬†So come on and join the movement and get your own SodaStream drink mixer today!

My SodaStream gifts of the night including the SodaStream starter kit and Country Time lemonade syrup.

Thank you again Mint Agency for inviting an event like this!  I had a blast and gained more insight and motivation to improve and continuing my blogging hobby!

– ksdn


Starbucks half-price frap lovers

Hey all! ¬†This will just be a really quick post! ¬†For all your Starbucks lovers out there, it’s that time of year again! ¬†From May 4-13 between 3-5pm, they will be providing you with your most favourited Starbucks fraps for 1/2 off!

Some of my favourite frap flavours…

  • green tea (my alll timeee favouritee!!!)
  • white chocolate mocha
  • coconut

These also come in your won preference of decaf, shots, syrup, different types of milk (whole, 2%, nonfat, soy), or adding espresso shots or decaf.

I’ll be looking forward to try the¬†new¬†mocha cookie crumble Frappucino!!.

So, why don’t you make a reminder to hit up a Starbucks at your own convenience to catch the 1/2 off frap and maybe even take advantage to try new flavours!

Click here to find a location of Starbucks near you sponsoring this event!

Enjoy and let me know which fraps are YOUR favourite!!

Until next time!!



You can all call me¬†KSDN :). ¬†I’m hoping to work on a food blog and visit as many restaurants as I can and review them. ¬†My reviews may not be the most accurate ones but this is just how I feel when I visit them. ¬†I’m sure everyone who goes to the restaurant has an individual experience.

I’ll also be posting any fun and random adventures that I’ll be having. ¬†Please feel free to drop by and let me know how I can improve or tell me where to visit next! ¬†I also like taking photos so I’ll definitely fill you guys in with not only writing but also with an abundant amount of pictures!!! ūüôā Stay posted~