Boba Guys

On the same note of the visit to Craftsman & Wolves that I mentioned, N and I made several stops at several places, so if I’m diligent enough hopefully you guys will be able to read entries to all if not most of the places that we visited during our little trip.

This stop is no where to fill your stomaches, but it definitely is a place to quench your thirst.  Today, I will be writing about the famous Boba Guys.  To provide a little history, Boba Guys was a kickstarter project that fire up into what it is today.  Having all premium natural ingredients sourced from Japan, China, and even locally, along with homemade syrups, a cup of Boba Guys really spells QUALITY.

Our first hunt to Boba Guys was on a weekend evening which we managed to catch right before closing.  We were so excited upon finding our goal, that we actually ate before the camera did….SORRY!

Left – green tea matcha with boba, Right – Classic milk with homemade grass jelly

N is an avid boba drinker, so he likes to be on the “healthier” side, choosing 25% sweetness along with his classic milk drink.  In my opinion, I found that it was kind of bland…to me, boba is not boba without it’s sweetness.  The grass jelly is not very sweet either, so it was just a very tea-y drink.  One thing I did like about the lack of sweetness is that it reveals all the flavours of the tea and grass jelly, which is quite nice.  I would recommend this if you just don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

I, on the other hand, am a matcha junky (as you may already know).  Whenever that is on the menu, it’s my pick, hands down.  To feel a little less guilty, I selected 50% sweetness and I thought this drink was amazing!  The matcha was nice and bold in flavour, while the syrup and sweetness of the boba balanced everything out.  If you’re a green tea matcha fan, you’re gonna love this.

So – after we ordered we noticed that there’s actually a special menu beside the cashier (aside from the regular menu), which we totally missed, so we vowed to come back…which we did (the very next day)!  This time, we ordered one of the most well presented bobas that I have ever seen (and that says a lot…)

Matcha mango fresca with almond jelly
Matcha mango fresca with homemade almond jelly
The winning boba of my choice with the Boba backdrop

The layers of the green matcha and yellow-orange mango syrup along with the almond jelly was just so eye-catching that I didn’t want to ruin it!!  This drink does now allow for sweetness-level adjustments because the mango syrup in itself is already quite sweet.  The bitter and sweet flavours that contrast along with the colours all worked very well with one another.  This was by far the most creative yet delicious drink :).  And the thought of the almond jelly may sound weird, but it actually complimented the flavours especially since the matcha was slightly bitter as well.  Although this drink may have sat on the pricier end, I really believe that the quality of the ingredients and flavours was worth ever penny.

The shop is small and lies on the side of an intersection on Valencia Street in Mission, but it’s definitely worth a visit.  All the staff are friendly and nice, and they all seem to be enjoying their jobs at Boba Guys.  Go and experience what the new and taste of luxury of boba is!!

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Craftsman & Wolves

Hey my foodos!

It has been an awful long time since the last time I’ve posted on this…and too many things in my life have changed.  I’m currently no longer a student, I’m graduated and now working – and the biggest catch of this, is that I don’t live in Canada anymore :(.  I moved down for work, and now I live in NorCal, the home of fresh food and amazing food talent.  I’m hoping to revive this food blog and am planning to post more often (when I have time and when I can remember..).  Now that I have a job this also allows for me to explore with less guilt and go eat recklessly more often.

Okay, well enough about me, and now I will talk about my foodventure that me and N had during our weekend in the beautiful city of San Francisco.  We spent the weekend in Mission – food central.  We hadn’t realized this until we started exploring and we noticed all these restaurants with beautiful, hip interior and the creative items available on the menu.  At this point, we promised ourselves that we would make a stop at the next candidate that met the criteria.

And that is how we found ourselves inside a wakening ambience that we wanted to be in.  The interior was very simple, with an smartly perfectly unfinished ceiling and spider lights.  This little shop was filled with little baked goods both sweet and savoury.  Because N and I walked into Craftsman & Wolves as our first meal of the day, we decided to order a few savoury dishes.


We ordered a very delicious savoury muffin made with wheat, sausage and green onions that speaks for itself, really.  I mean, never judge a book by it’s cover ;).

A “simple” muffin

Craftsman & Wolves are geniuses by stuffing the muffin with a soft boiled egg that makes your eyes salivate just its looks, haha.  All the flavours were subtle yet worked in harmony, which made hard not to devour.


We also ordered a slice of their quiche, which was my personal favourite of the two.  Although I’m a sucker for soft boiled eggs and the muffin was amazing, I loved that the ingredients inside the quiche complemented one another so well.  The picked carrots had a nice and subtle kick to them which really worked my taste buds 🙂

Quiche (zucchini, baby kale, curry, asiago cheese) with pickled carrots

Our visit here was very pleasant.  It’s always nice to encounter a nice little shop that you enjoy by coincidence.  It just makes everything a better experience ;).  It’s good to be back, and hopefully being in this new space will motivate me to be more disciplined in blogging more often.  Until next time guys!!


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