Starbucks half-price frap lovers

Hey all!  This will just be a really quick post!  For all your Starbucks lovers out there, it’s that time of year again!  From May 4-13 between 3-5pm, they will be providing you with your most favourited Starbucks fraps for 1/2 off!

Some of my favourite frap flavours…

  • green tea (my alll timeee favouritee!!!)
  • white chocolate mocha
  • coconut

These also come in your won preference of decaf, shots, syrup, different types of milk (whole, 2%, nonfat, soy), or adding espresso shots or decaf.

I’ll be looking forward to try the new mocha cookie crumble Frappucino!!.

So, why don’t you make a reminder to hit up a Starbucks at your own convenience to catch the 1/2 off frap and maybe even take advantage to try new flavours!

Click here to find a location of Starbucks near you sponsoring this event!

Enjoy and let me know which fraps are YOUR favourite!!

Until next time!!



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